Bulk Hair

Natural hair extensions in the Hair Extension Shop. In our Hair Extension Shop you will find several categories of Natural or Bulk Hair. Double Drawn hair is made of high quality, which is why it is excellent for hair extension salons and experts to make a custom Weft or I-TIP (Micro Ring). While these hairs are also high quality, Super Double Drawn hairs are available, which in all cases represent Premium Hair Extension Quality. In terms of color group, there are two main groups of Natural Hair Extensions. Normal Colors and Ash Colors. Of these, and especially the shades of Black and Blonde are available in our store, as they are the most popular at the moment. Premium Natural Hair provides high quality and long life Hair Extensions. These hair are always recommended for hair extension salons and experts, as they definitely require rework. If you regularly buy hair extensions for your salon, please contact our reseller and ask for our information about our Hair Extensions Wholesale. Among Premium Hair Extensions, we also offer our Keratin I-TIP Hair Extensions range and our Premium Hair Extensions.