Weft Hair

Weft Hair Extensions always require a specialist in hair extensions. Weft Replacement Hair is fitted to existing hair using a sewing technique. Weft hair extensions from human hair for hair extensions. Applying Weft hair extensions requires a specialist to pre-tailor the lines to be sewn from the Weft hair extensions. These lines are sewn, which, depending on the growth of your own hair, usually needs to be taken off every 2-3 months and sewn again. This hair extension technique is not applicable for complete baldness or very short hair or is not very aesthetic.

For casual hair extensions, you can choose from traditional hair extensions, PONYTAIL and CLIP IN hair extensions. If you haven't had a hair extension yet, be sure to start with a CLIP IN hair extension, as it can be removed and applied at any time to extend the life of your hair. When removed, it can be cleaned and styled more comfortably than additional hair applied with a long hair extension. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, you can find out more about these in the category descriptions. You can choose from several types of WEFT hair in the HAIR EXTENSION SHOP. You can choose from several categories of WEFT HAIR EXTENSIONS. CLASSIC WEFT HAIR is cheaper and has a shorter lifetime. PREMIUM WEFT HAIR is made of high quality, it can be used for a much longer time, but you can buy it at a more expensive price.

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