FLIP-IN Hair Extensions can be found in the Hair Extension Shop in several EU countries. FLIP-IN Hair is especially recommended for beginners, as it is the easiest to treat of all hair extensions. The CLIP IN HAIR, Keratin Hair, Micro Ring, Weft Hair, and Tape In Hair solution is also a lesson for beginners, but it is a really beginner-friendly and great introduction to the line of rubber or FLIP IN means to the world of hair extensions. Just a minute and you're done! If you’re looking for a method of hair extensions that can be put on in a minute, you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what flip-in hair extensions are. It’s practically a one-piece set that makes it very easy to put up. Your job is to place it comfortably on your hair, then use a comb to pull each hair out from under it. Increases the rich effect and length of your hair! There are so many different types of hair, and unfortunately there are some very thin ones. Unfortunately, this type of hair is very difficult to handle, and unfortunately this is why our hairstyles don’t look the way we want them to. But FLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSION is finally as rich, thick, and long as you want it to be. The FLIP-IN hair available in the HAIR EXTENSION SHOP is strong, fine, and high quality. It is safe as it does not fall off and will last a long time with your proper care.

If you are looking for other easy-to-apply hair, we also recommend PONYTAIL Hair Extension,  Flip-In Hair Extension and TAPE-IN Hair Extension. If you are looking for high quality hair, visit our Premium Hair Extensions page.

The Hair Extension Shop wholesaler supplies Hair Extension products to several EU countries. If you are a reseller or ask for our wholesale prices