Clip in hair Extensions in a wide range at HAIR EXTENSION SHOP. You can order your favorite CLIP IN HUMAN HAIR EXTENSION in an ever-increasing selection of colors and quality, with real stock and extra fast delivery. Why try the HAIR EXTENSION SHOP Clip In Hair Extensions? Because it is one of the most popular hair extension techniques that you can even place at home alone and attach to your existing hair. If you no longer want to use it, you can easily and simply detach it from your hair like it does. Clip-In Hair is excellent for weddings and special occasions, but even for regular use. Despite the simple wear, proper care is especially important with the CLIP IN HAIR Extension!. In any case, you can see a photo of that hair on the product page so that you can best compare the color of your hair with what you expect.

If you are looking for other easy-to-apply hair, we also recommend PONYTAIL Hair Extension,  Flip-In Hair Extension and TAPE-IN Hair Extension. If you are looking for high quality hair, visit our Premium Hair Extensions page.

The Hair Extension Shop wholesaler supplies Hair Extension products to several EU countries. If you are a reseller or ask for our wholesale prices