GV Solutions ExIm Ltd. sells Hair Extensions, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Baby Care products in many EU countries. If you would like to sell hair extensions, we will be happy to work with you in the future. Hairdressers, Hair Extensions, Hairdressing Supplies from any EU country are welcome to apply. Constantly large price range and a wide, growing selection of Hair Extensions that we offer you. We will provide you with the ordered Hair Extension products with the delivery of 1 working day to the countries of the EU (European Union). Our shipping partner is UPS Express

If you answer YES to any of them, Become a Wholesale Partner!

All you have to do is fill out the form below and wait for our quick feedback and wholesale prices, and if you have any questions, read our FAQ. If you didn't get an answer there, feel free to ask us! We are happy to help you be our satisfied wholesale partner.

- Why choose HAIR EXTENSION SHOP if you are looking for a wholesale hair supplier?

GV Solutions ExIm Ltd. supplies hair extensions to several European countries. You can find our customers in: Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, etc. This also proves that we help our partners with our wide selection and fast delivery. Competitive prices are provided by large quantities and reliable suppliers

- Which hair extensions can I buy as a wholesale partner?

Any product we sell

- Shipping and payment

Delivery is guaranteed by UPS EXPRESS. With their help, we will send your order to any EU country with 1-3 working days delivery.

Payment: You can choose Bank Transfer (Advance Transfer) and Credit/Debit Card Payment (via the STRIP Payment link)

- Wholesale prices

The wholesale price of Hair Extensions is determined by the purchase quantity. Of course, the larger the quantity you buy, the more favorable terms you can buy. 

- Possibility of personal collection

Unfortunately, personal pick-up is not possible at this time.

- Minimum order quantity

Minimum order amount of our wholesale partners: 250 € (net)

Please contact us via the form below if you would like to be our wholesale partner.

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