Keratin Hair

Keratin Hair Extensions  are well-proven hair extension techniques. With the help of scalp and hair-friendly keratin, we can have a sexy hair crown easily and simply, and in a relatively short time. The advantage of keratin hair extensions is that you can achieve the desired effect extremely nicely and naturally, and you can forget about the ugly flashing lumps that can tell you about the intervention. What exactly are keratins? Keratins are binders needed to bond extension hair together. Used for keratin U-TIP or Heat-fitting and I-TIP or micro-ring hair! Their use requires expertise! It is worth using the best quality keratin to save yourself a lot of inconvenience! You can find it in several categories in the offer of the Hair Store. We also offer such hair between Keratin Classic Hair Extensions and Premium Hair Extensions.

The binder is a flexible keratin-based product containing an adhesive, which must be protected from high heat, direct sunlight, hot air from the hot hair dryer, which can lead to melting of the binder and hair loss, and tangling of the hair! Keratin hair is not allowed to use any kind of alcohol, fruit acid shampoos, hair lotions, hair mousses, hair conditioners, hair care products, chemicals. Alcohol and fruit acid dissolve the binder and can lead to hair loss and clumping. Do not rub, as the fixation will break, dry out and the hair will fall out! It is forbidden to bathe in sea water or in a chlorinated pool! Salt and chlorine can change the structure of the adhesive, making it sticky or dry, which can also lead to hair loss and tangling. The wearing time of the binder is 2-3 months! Replacement afterwards! The hair should be removed, the old keratin cut off, then keratinized and put back on! Their use requires expertise! It must also be removed by a specialist with a suitable keratin solvent!