Premium I-TIP Hair

Premium I-Tip Micro-Ring Hair Extension is recommended for those who want to apply high-quality human hair extensions for a longer period of time. You can choose premium Micro-ring hair in the Hair Extension Shop in several colors, shades and three lengths. Premium I-TIP hair is available in 50cm, 60cm and 70cm versions. As the Micro Ring Hair Extension is a very common and reliable Hair Extension, it is worth choosing good quality hair. Of course, you can also choose a cheaper category in our Hair Extension Shop. The Classic Category I-TIP Hair Extensions are suitable for micro-rings for shorter use, but are of course also available at a cheaper price. Hair extension In our webshop you can choose from several premium hair types.

Micro-ringing is a tufting technique, with hair extensions attached in place by tufts. The result lasts for several months and a tidy, beautiful hairstyle is a reward for patience. There is also a microcycle made of metal and silicone, the latter ideal for those struggling with metal allergies. During micro-ringing, the strands of the extension hair and the original hair are joined together with the ring. It can be easily removed without damaging the hair, but once the original hair has grown down, all you have to do is pull the rings up and the alignment is done. It is a quick procedure that spares the hair, and the price is affordable.