Clip In Hair Extension

01/06/2023 13:15
Clip In Hair Extension

Easy to wear, long rich effect!
It gives you confidence!
Quick and easy installation!
This is the CLIP IN Hair Extension!

Amazing, Simple, Great, Fast..Everyone's Favorite Clip In Hair Extension!

It is so easy to apply that anyone can immediately have the beautiful hair crown they have dreamed of for a long time. You can choose from blonde, brown and many other shades and lengths in our Hair Extension Shop. But let's see why this hair extension is so popular and easy to treat!

What is a clip-on hair extension?

Clip-on hair extensions are the simplest and most popular hair extension method, which even beginners love because it is so easy to handle. The hair extension is mounted on clips, which must be attached to your hair, inside there is a silicone strip, which ensures a strong hold while wearing the hair extension, so the hair will not fall out or slip out.

Who do we recommend?

We highly recommend it to those ladies who are just getting to know hair extensions, as it is the easiest of all types of hair extensions to apply to your own hair. Great for enriching short and thin hair. If you want a spectacular solution quickly!


It is so easy and fast to use that you can match it to your own hair in a few minutes and you can go to a party, work or just go shopping with your friends. The sight will amaze everyone. Tweak the base of your hair a little, for optimal hold, use a little hairspray on the base before attaching the extension hair. Place the clip hairpiece comfortably on the hair shaft using the clips. Start with smaller clip wefts at the nape of your neck and work your way to the top of your head; depending on the thickness of the hair, leave a distance of 1-2 cm between each row.

After that, mirror the single staple pieces and the remaining 2 staple wefts on either side of your head. It instantly blends into your own hair. Finally, comb your own cover hair over it, and the invisible and natural hair extension is ready in a few minutes. You can also create loose hairstyles, braids or braids with it. The end result is a quick, long and voluminous hairstyle in minutes at home. If you no longer want to use it, you can remove it from your hair as easily and simply as when applying it.


Are clip-on hair extensions safe?

There is a silicone strip inside the clips, which ensures a strong hold while wearing the hair extension, so the hair will not fall out or slip out. You can easily go on a date or go dancing, it provides a secure hold. For sports or vigorous physical activity, we prefer to tie our own hair and the Hair Extension into braids or loose buns.

Hair Extension Care

Despite the simple wear, it is important to properly care for and keep the Buckled hair clean. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo, then let it air dry after rinsing. Clip-in Hair Extensions can be dyed and ironed with due care, but this always depends on the category of hair. If you are unsure, ask your hairdresser.

Why is clip-on hair extensions good?

It won't damage your own hair!
An ideal solution for thin or short hair!
It matches your own hair perfectly!
It can be installed quickly and easily, without the help of a specialist!
It doesn't tangle!

For what occasion do we recommend Clip In hair extensions?

 For weddings, bachelorette parties!
For events, graduation!
For regular use, for weekdays!

We have a huge selection waiting for you in our Hair Extension Shop, where you can order with a few clicks. But if you want to try other hair extensions, you can choose from our different types of hair extensions on our website.