Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)
Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)
Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)
Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)
Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)
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Clip In Hair Extension Body Wave Bleach Blonde 50cm (Color #613)

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Clip In Hair Body Wave
Colour Description
Bleach Blonde
Colour Code
Product Weight
105 gram
Product Length
50 cm
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Got thinner hair, or need extra volume without putting in too many pieces? Then our Body Wave Clip In Hair Extension the solution for you. Clips are securely attached and it won't slip or feel heavy, so you can get a fuller look in just 5 minutes.


Our Bodywave sets are the same high quality as the regular clip in hair extensions but have a slight permanent wave applied. Perfect for adding to already wavy hair or increasing hair volume quickly and easily. The set contains a total of eight wefts complete with metal clips pre-attached.


Clip In Hair Extension contents:

  • One piece 8 inch (20 cm) wide Wefts Hair with 4 Clips
  • Two pieces 6 inch (15 cm) wide Weft Hair with 3 Clips
  • Two pieces 4 inch (10 cm) wide Weft Hair with 2 Clips
  • One piece 3 inch (7.5 cm) wide Weft Hair with 2 Clips
  • Two pieces 2 inch (5 cm) wide Weft Hair with 1 Clip

Body wave hair extension texture is loose but natural curly. It is not too straight or too curly. The waves flow in a single manner giving you a smooth and wavy look. This type of texture can also be found in clip in hair extensions.


The Hair Extension Shop uses a brand new color technology that creates beautiful color that lasts because it undergoes a 10 step process ensuring long lasting shine and beautiful color. With our real hair extensions with clips full head volume and body can be achieved in just a few moments. letting you change your look whenever you desire. If you choose this type of Clip In Hair Extension you will get real Human Hair.

Do's and Don'ts

Even though our hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair they will need a little extra care to keep the quality intact. We have made a quick summary of Do’s and Don’ts for Wavy/Curly extensions for you.


Wash the hair extensions every 12-15 uses.
Scrunch the hair after washing with some curl cream to encourage the curl    to spring back.
Let the hair air dry after washing, just like natural curly hair hairdryers will    cause frizz.
Brush the hair before washing. Avoid brushing in between washes to        combat frizz.


Don’t use heated styling tools on the hair e.g. straighteners, tongs.
Don’t use products that contain alcohol or sulphate, these ingredients are damaging to hair extensions.
Don’t use cleansing or shine shampoos.
Don’t dye the hair extensions. Dying/styling will decrease or remove the curl/wave.
Don’t wear your extensions to bed, remove them before showering, swimming and sleeping.

If you would like to sell our products in your store or salon, please contact us on our wholesale form: WHOLESALE

The Hair Extension Shop is the best if you are looking for any kind of Hair Extension.

Product ID
Bar Code
Product Type
CLIP-IN Hairextension
Hair Extension Style
Body Wave
Product Color
Colour Description
Bleach Blonde
Product Weight (gram)
Product Length (cm)
Number of Clips
Expected Lifetime
3 - 12 Month (With Proper Care)
Product Material
Human Hair (May contain small amounts of other fibers)
Recommended Use
Short Term Wear
Article No.
110 g/db
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