Clip In Hair Extension Honey Blonde 50cm (Color #22)
Clip In Hair Extension Honey Blonde 50cm (Color #22)
Clip In Hair Extension Honey Blonde 50cm (Color #22)
Clip In Hair Extension Honey Blonde 50cm (Color #22)
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Clip In Hair Extension Honey Blonde 50cm (Color #22)

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Colour Description
Honey Blonde
Colour Code
Product Weight
105 gram
Product Length
50 cm
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If you also want a beautiful hair crown, the Hair Extension Shop CLIP IN HAIR offers you a wide range of solutions at a glance! CLIP IN HAIR is a method of hair extension that does not require a hairdresser or hair extension specialist. This hair extensions can be easily attached at home. CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION can be easily fitted to your own hair with the help of the CLIPS on it. Your hair will be longer, richer and more beautiful. The advantage of CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION over other hair extension methods is the more affordable price and easy, quick application. CLIP IN HAIR is no different from a permanent hair extension, but it can be removed and applied at any time. Try the most popular, quick and practical full-length hair extensions!

CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION is available in three lengths. You can choose from a length of 40 / 50 / 60cm. Clip In Hair Extension is the most gentle and accessible form of Hair Extension that will not damage your own hair in any way. With the help of the high-quality CLIP IN HAIR Hair Extension Shop, you can finally achieve the hairstyle of your dreams, which is not only extra long, but also beautifully rich.

The Hair Extension Shop uses a brand new color technology that creates beautiful color that lasts because it undergoes a 10 step process ensuring long lasting shine and beautiful color. With our real hair extensions with clips full head volume and body can be achieved in just a few moments. letting you change your look whenever you desire. If you choose this type of Clip In Hair Extension you will get real Human Hair.

The Hair Extension Shop is the best if you are looking for any kind of Hair Extension.
Special price available to salons and Hairdressers for bulk and exclusive box orders as well. If you have any questions. please contact us!
Clip In Hair Extension contents:

  • One piece 8 inch (20 cm) wide Wefts Hair with 4 Clips
  • Two pieces 6 inch (15 cm) wide Weft Hair with 3 Clips
  • Two pieces 4 inch (10 cm) wide Weft Hair with 2 Clips
  • One piece 3 inch (7.5 cm) wide Weft Hair with 2 Clips
  • Two pieces 2 inch (5 cm) wide Weft Hair with 1 Clip

Clip In Hair Extension Length: 50m
Clip In Hair Extension Weight: Minimum 100g

Product ID
Bar Code
Product Type
CLIP-IN Hairextension
Hair Extension Style
Product Color
Colour Description
Honey Blonde
Product Weight (gram)
Product Length (cm)
Number of Clips
Expected Lifetime
3 - 12 Month (With Proper Care)
Product Material
Human Hair (May contain small amounts of other fibers)
Recommended Use
Short Term Wear
Article No.
110 g/pc
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