Flip in hair Extensions

26/06/2023 09:02
Flip in hair Extensions

FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS - Simple, quick and spectacular beautification

What is the secret to the success of FLIP IN Hair Extension? That's what we looked into. If you are also interested, read the Hair Extension Shop's latest blog article.

You are so Beautiful!

Surely everyone likes words of praise, whether you hear them from a friend or your lover. But what does it take to look good? Makeup? A fancy dress? Or to get enough sleep? A really nice hairstyle? Well, all of them. But above all, the hairstyle is a woman's adornment, the most important. If our well-groomed and beautiful self-confidence already increases. But what should we do if we didn't inherit rich hair? Well, hair extensions are the solution.

You have to suffer for beauty. Or not?

There are countless hair extension procedures, some painful and time-consuming. But one of the most popular and fastest is the application of FLIP IN hair extensions. You can change your appearance as often as you like. Whether you are just getting to know the world of hair extensions or you are already experienced in it, you will see that FLIP IN hair extensions are a very easy and quick solution.


In practice, this is a one-piece set, which is why you can put it on very easily. It has a Fishing line that can be adjusted according to the size of the head and holds the hair extension on the head. In our Hair Extension Shop, it is available in 50-60 cm lengths and in 100-110g packages, and in countless shades.

Who do we recommend?

We especially recommend it to beginners, as it is the easiest to handle of all types of hair extensions. Keratin, micro-ring, Weft, and Tape In are a challenge for beginners, but this Flip In, or as it is commonly called, rubber hair extensions, is really easy to use. Great for enriching short and thin hair.


Just a minute and you're done, it's so easy and fast to use. Place the FLIP IN hair extension comfortably on your head and hair, then pull your hair out from under it with the help of a comb so that it covers it in a circle. It instantly blends into your own hair. Comb it nicely and you're done. With Flip In hair, your hair can finally be as rich, thick and long as you want it to be. It is safe, as it does not fall off, and with long-lasting, proper care, it will serve your beauty for a long time.

Why is FLIP IN Hair Extension good?

No glue, no clips, no sewing, no heat bonding = no damage to your own hair.
It's a perfect solution if you have fine or sparse hair.
It's imperceptible and matches your own hair color perfectly.
Soft and natural touch.
The scalp does not itch underneath.
Safe to wear.

We have a huge selection waiting for you in our HairExtensionShop, where you can order with a few clicks. But if you want to try other hair extensions, you can choose from our different types of hair extensions on our Hair Shop.