U-TIP Hair Extension Bleach Blonde 60cm (Color #613)
U-TIP Hair Extension Bleach Blonde 60cm (Color #613)
U-TIP Hair Extension Bleach Blonde 60cm (Color #613)
U-TIP Hair Extension Bleach Blonde 60cm (Color #613)
Raise your attention the Hair extensions are hygienic products! Therefore, please read the Cancellation and Returns Policy carefully. More details.

U-TIP Hair Extension Bleach Blonde 60cm (Color #613)

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U-TIP Hair
Colour Description
Bleach Blonde
Colour Code
Product Weight
100 gram
Product Length
60 cm
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Question about the product

U-TIP Hair Extension in the Hair Extension Shop’s Offer. U-Tip hair Extension also known as Nail Tip Hair Extension and Pre Bonded Hair Extension.There are several new Hair Extensions. but U-TIP Extension is still popular and the Hair Extension Shop provides you the best price in the market. Hair Extension Shop currently has only one quality U-Tip Hair Extension. U-TIP Hair Extension can be used for 3 – 6 month with proper care.


U-TIP hair extensions require a specialist. Usually 150-200 pieces of hair are needed for a full hair extension, it can be worn for 3-6 months, depending on the growth of your own hair. This hair extension technique is not applicable for complete baldness or very short hair or is not very aesthetic. In the Hair Extension Shop you can buy Hair Extensions in 3 different lengths and different colors.

What is the U-TIP Hair Extension?

U-tip Human Hair Extensions from Hair Extension Shop allows you to add stunning length and volume to your hair with a hot fusion method. Because these Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions are ideal for a long-time. The incredible artificial keratin or glue hair extensions are super soft and blend in with your natural tresses for a gorgeously enhanced look. The U-tip Hair Extensions are hair strands with a U-shaped tip made of artificial keratin (glue). They are attached with the bonding method of melting the glue and fusing it with your original hair. and must be worn constantly for several weeks.


Attention! Caring for extra hair is a very important task! Because CLASSIC Hair Extensions may already be dyed. Therefore, repainting can lead to hair loss. In addition, hair straightening is not recommended. Especially above 150 degrees Celsius. Hair coloring and hair straightening can only be done at your own risk.

The photos on the product page show the actual hair color. However, the color of the Hair may differ minimally in reality, as the same color settings may not be available on all screens. Please note this. We strongly recommend that you read the Warranty Terms for Human Hair Extensions! If you are looking for an easy-to-use hair extension similar to CLIP IN Hair, we recommend PONYTAIL or FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS!

If you want to be our Wholesale Partner, visit our wholesale site. Our company delivers a wide range of extension hairs to many EU countries in a fast and reliable way.

Product ID
Bar Code
Product Type
U-TIP (Nail) Hairextension
Hair Extension Style
Product Color
Colour Description
Bleach Blonde
Product Weight (gram)
Product Length (cm)
Number of Hair Locks
Expected Lifetime
1 - 6 Month (With Proper Care)
Product Material
Human Hair (May contain small amounts of other fibers)
Recommended Use
Short Term Wear, Long Term Wear
Article No.
100 g/pc
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