TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)
TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)
TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)
TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)
TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)
Raise your attention the Hair extensions are hygienic products! Therefore, please read the Cancellation and Returns Policy carefully. More details.

TAPE IN Hair Extension Light Brown 50cm (Color #8)

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Colour Description
Light Brown
Colour Code
Product Weight
100 gram
Product Length
50 cm
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Question about the product

Hair Extension Shop offers the MOST choices of tape-in hair extensions! With 3-4 different length options and over 15 different colors in Remy human hair, there are thousands of possible combinations!

What are tape hair extensions?

Tape-on, tape hair, tape extensions, tape hair extensions – All refer to the method that’s taken the world by storm – and become a bestseller in many markets. Hair extensions with tape. The Hair Extension Shop Tape In Hair Extension a method that gives you long, voluminous, natural-looking hair in less than an hour. Tape-on extensions are available in lots of different colours, lengths and qualities. Just like your own hair, this real hair can become a part of your look. Style according to your own hairstyle or mood. No one will notice the extensions, but everyone will notice the difference.

Who do we recommend tape for?

Our stylists and hair extension experts recommend tape for just about everyone – one of our most popular methods! If you have thin and fragile hair, we always recommend tape because it’s a gentle method with thin and highly discreet attachments.


What are the advantages of tape in Hair Extension?

They don’t damage your hair: The pieces weigh between 2 and 3 g so they won’t feel heavy or slide off. They work really well if you have fragile and/or damaged hair.

Ideal if you have thin hair: Do you have thin hair in which attachments always remain visible? That’s no longer a problem with Pro Tape, Quick & Easy and Sleek Tape Extension.

Natural-looking result: Thanks to the soft, thin tape, you get a discreet attachment. Your magnificent locks will certainly stand out, but it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing extensions...

Easy to remove: Thanks to our special remover, it’s easy to remove the extensions when it’s time to move them up.

… and just as easy to reuse: Buy our refill tape so they can be reused. Practical, easy and value for money!

Comfortable: The tape is both soft and very thin. You’ll hardly notice that you have them in.

How to attach tape-on hair extensions

  1. Wash your hair twice with Rapunzel Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Do not use other hair products such as conditioner or deep conditioning treatment.
  2. Make sure the hair is completely dry, then wash it the evening before. Damp hair is thicker than dry hair so the attachments will slip off if you fasten them to damp hair which then dries.
  3. Divide the hair with a pin tail comb into manageable sections. Lift a small section of hair and place a hair piece under it. Place a piece of new tape over it and press! Preferably with pliers for the best result.
  4. Do not style or wash your hair for 48 hours after attaching the extensions.

How to remove and reuse tape extensions

You can remove your tape hair extensions using a remover and a pin tail comb. The tape dissolves, which allows you to gently remove your hair extensions as easily as you were able to put them in. Next, you remove any tape residue. Then you can reuse the hair by applying new tape refills to the previously used bondings and attach the hair again in the same way.


Hair straightening below 150 degrees Celsius. If you want to dye your hair or use a hair straightener, please note that these are "physical interventions" and the guarantee is void.

The photos on the product page show the actual hair color. However, the color of the Hair may differ minimally in reality, as the same color settings may not be available on all screens. Please note this. We strongly recommend that you read the Warranty Terms for Human Hair Extensions! If you are looking for an easy-to-use hair extension similar to CLIP IN Hair, we recommend PONYTAIL or FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS!

If you want to be our Wholesale Partner, visit our wholesale site. Our company delivers a wide range of extension hairs to many EU countries in a fast and reliable way.

Product ID
Bar Code
Product Type
TAPE-IN Hairextension
Hair Extension Style
Product Color
Colour Description
Light Brown
Product Weight (gram)
Product Length (cm)
Expected Lifetime
1 - 3 Month (With Proper Care)
Product Material
Human Hair (May contain small amounts of other fibers)
Recommended Use
Short Term Wear, Long Term Wear
Article No.
100 g/pc
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